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Are You Rising to the Challenge Of Recruiting Your Own Recruiters?

Assessing The Traits Of Great Recruiters

Many recruitment agencies are familiar with the eSkill business skills testing services and how this is an integral part of objective candidate assessments and more effective hiring for clients. However, one area of growing interest for Recruitment Assessment is the challenge for Recruitment Agencies looking to recruit staff for their own businesses.

How To Test What Is Right For You

Our recent experience has shown that it is difficult for recruitment agencies to assess the suitability of a candidate for these roles because they need to be able to demonstrate a variety of skills and personality traits– some of which are “abstract” and hard to assess objectively – particularly from just an interview or a CV.

When Experience Is Just Not Enough

A candidate may well have a lot of experience in an industry but are they right for what is involved in being a recruitment consultant. Do they possess the skills required in communication, planning and prioritisation, creativity, tenacity, self-motivation or team work?

How The Peer Review Solution Fills The Void

The is perhaps why several of our agency clients are using our Peer Review Solution to help with this process. As an agency recruiter you can set the candidate a scenario from which they are expected to execute a number of tasks. What you ask the candidate is up to you. After the test the result are shared with peers within the company, or even outside the company. The peers are able to rate/score the candidate on how they handled the tasks. The result is a controlled, peer reviewed, objective measure from which you can make more effective recruiting decisions.

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