Recruitment Agency

How We Help Recruitment Agencies Win and Retain Business

As eSkill’s UK strategic partner, Recruitment Assessment is very well placed to help recruitment agencies provide additional testing services for their clients. We have identified over time some common scenarios where our services have helped:

  • The recruitment agency is pitching clients for one or more role and they want to offer a point of difference to competitors
  • The recruitment agency has been specifically asked by the client to carry out skills testing before recommending a shortlist of candidates.
  • High volume recruitment projects where the agency wants to be able to shortlist candidates objectively and quickly through objective testing.

How Else Do We Help Recruitment Agencies?

Not only can we help you with a wide range of office-based skills tests, such as our excel plus combination test,  but we also offer abstract skills testing – such as critical thinking or communication.  However, for our recruitment agency clients, there are two areas where our services have proved particularly helpful:

  • Graduate recruitment – where a lack of CV experience makes candidate shortlisting more difficult.
  • Call Centre recruitment – high volume but requiring specific skill set.

Our skills tests can be used for high volume as well as individual roles and we work closely and in partnership with our recruitment agency clients.  Partnership options could include:

  • Priority turnaround of tests
  • One to one consultancy and skills testing advice
  • Preferential rates

If there are any aspects of what we do that is of interest and you would like to discuss in more detail, then please contact us here.