Are You Confident That Your Shortlist of Candidates Match Up To The Claims On Their CV?

This may be an obvious question but for many recruiters they rely heavily on either CV’s or the recommendation of recruitment consultants/agencies when short listing candidates for interview.

As eSkill’s UK strategic partner, Recruitment Assessment is very familiar with this scenario and indeed it is often at this point of the recruitment process that we are asked to help.

If you rely on a candidates CV, any shortlist – whether done internally or via a recruitment agency – will not provide you with the objective candidate assessment that you  need to make the right decision – unless you have measured accurately through business skills testing.  And we all know the cost to the business in terms of time and money of getting these decisions wrong.

Not only can we help you with a wide range of office-based skills tests, such as our excel plus combination test, but we also offer abstract skills testing– such as critical thinking or communication.  Our skills tests can be used by recruiters or recruitment agencies for high volume as well as individual roles. 

Features include:

If there are any aspects of what we do that is of interest and you would like to discuss in more detail, then please contact us here.