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Organisations of all types and sizes are choosing to use Recruitment Assessment to help them identify the very best candidates; we do recognise that we can help them even more.

Our business skills testing will identify who has the skills that are needed to perform a role but what if you have a candidate that ticks almost the boxes but perhaps is not as proficient at some of the Excel skills you need?

It can be the most cost effective route to up skill that person rather than to continue to search for the perfect match. Our associates at STL specialise in high quality face to face training, they can provide focused training in exactly the areas that you need. Their tailored solutions are rated very highly by users and clients alike, see their details here or contact them here.

You can be confident that you have the right skill set, do they have the personality to perform the role or be part of the team? Sova Assessment has created a cost effective psychometric analysis tool that makes it a viable option for all sizes of business and all positions. If you are a volume recruiter that wants to reduce the churn because candidates don’t fit, then Sova Assessment offers role specific tests. See their details here or contact them here.

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