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How To Make Pre Employment Business Skills Testing Simpler And More Effective

Hands up anyone who has never made a mistake when recruiting new staff?
If you are like many of our clients who want to use business skills testing software to help identify and validate candidates then you need to read on.

Here Is The Deal
We recently launched a new service called Fyrtio – a simple but powerful packaged business skills testing solution. The response has been extraordinary with many citing its ease of use as a game changer and highlighted a number of the new service’s feature such as:

  • it is the most straightforward way for HR specialists to test candidates. It utilises all the sophistication of the eSkill larger solutions but provides it in an easy to use format.
  • Fyrtio can act as a complete test centre with more than 40 different tests, each one is a unique combination of topics and skill levels.
  • Fyrtio is a new business ability testing solution from the leading online skills testing providers eSkill and is only available in the UK.

Here Is How It Works
If we take one of our most popular assessments Excel Plus as a typical example.

The test comprises 40 questions, a balanced mixture of Excel Simulation, Numerical Proof Reading, Data Checking and Numerical Reasoning. It is available at three different skill levels: Beginner & Intermediate, Intermediate & Advanced or Advanced & Expert with a 40-minute time limit.

Just select the skill level you need and how many credits you require to start – and you can top them up as and when you need to.

Select the test that you want the candidates to take, send them the link as soon as they have completed the test the detailed results come immediately to your inbox.

At the end of the process you will see an overall score for the candidate. This is further broken down into a score for each topic area, how each individual question was answered, and the time taken to answer each question.

Now I am sure that this is of interest to and if so we would love to chat it through with you. Please take the next step and contact us here or talk to us at 0845-8400123 or More details are here .

And Here’s Some Even Better News!
We are currently with a launch phase for Fyrtio to at the moment we are able to waive the £150 Set Up Fee. We are not sure how long this offer is going to last so take the first step and find out more today.

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The eSkill Consensus Evaluation Toolset

Very rarely does a new development arrive on the market that really can change the way that you assess a candidate’s skills.  Consensus from eSkill and Recruitment Assessment could well be just one of those watershed moments.

What Is It?

Consensus, is a major enhancement of the powerful Free Response question. This type of question challenges a candidate to respond to a scenario of the recruiters choosing, typically it would be a situation that would not have yes / no answer but would ask them to demonstrate their strategic planning, leadership skills, clarity of thought and technical knowledge.

In the past a candidate’s answer might have been shown to members of the recruitment / promotion panel each of whom would review and critique.  However their responses were often in an unstructured and uncontrolled way, making it difficult to be sure that an accurate overall assessment was made.

Consensus addresses this problem with a robust and defensible structure. The easily set up solution enables an unlimited number of reviewers to be associated with the process, none of whom have any knowledge of each other’s judgements or any knowledge of the candidte’s name, ethnicity, background or experience. The results then form part of any other eSkills test that the candidate has taken.

Two Examples of How It Might Be Used

ONE: The candidate might need to demonstrate their ability to aggregate information from a variety of contributors, such as department managers, and they are then required to compile an executive summary. In practice this document would need to be approved by a number of managers before being finalised. The managers can assess how the individual has performed and if they have recognised the most important information.

TWO: Project Management is a skill which crosses many disciplines and industries.  The ability to structure a project plan to reflect the needs of stakeholders – whether this be senior management, customers, junior staff, accounts and marketing departments – is key to its success.  Consensus is a great way for recruiters to see, review and score prospective candidates about their ability to identify and communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

Other areas where Consensus could be effective:

  • Graduate Recruitment
  • Assessing the technical expertise of a candidate.
  • Academic / Professional roles
  • Communication style and effectiveness.
  • Strategic business understanding.
  • Leadership potential

How to see Consensus  In Practice

I have attached a PDF detailing the structure but I would suggest a brief demonstration would be the most effective way to appreciate the difference it could make to your candidate recruitment strategy. Contact me directly on 07779-136268 or

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Can Candidate Testing Software Be Powerful Yet Easy To Use?

There are two key factors which our online skills testing clients place high importance on.

Firstly, they require that any solution needs to be both comprehensive and be feature rich enough to meet the increasing challenges of candidate recruitment.

Secondly, regardless of the complexity of the role that they are trying to recruit for, they need software which is intuitive and simple to utilise.

eSkill scores very high on both of these criteria. Not only does it provide a comprehensive and sophisticated toolset, such as customisable questions and employer branding and personalisation, but it also is very user friendly.

If you would like to see for yourself how eSkill could be the online skills testing solution of choice for you and your organisation, allow me to give you a brief no obligation demonstration. Call or email Warren today to set up a short demonstration – or take our FREE taster test here.

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How Great Would It Be If You Could Be 100% Certain That A Job Candidate Would Be Right For The Job?

externalv-internal-350-x-219In reality no one could boast 100% accuracy but with Eskill and Recruitment Assessment we can get you pretty close.
Our Quality Of Hire Metrics help you take a closer look at those hard-to-define skills and qualities that add up to a really good hire can greatly increase your recruiting success, and you don’t have to rely as much on our gut feel or best estimate.
It can also provide the kind of framework that will lead to improved employee performance throughout your company.
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12 Candidate Warning Signs For Interviewers (Which Could Be Largely Overcome By Testing!)

100s_ofstandard_testsI read with interest an article in Undercover Recruiter which talks about 12 Candidate Warning Signs For Interviewers. It struck me that the quickest way to assess a candidate’s suitability is to carry out an objective skills test. What do you think?

1. A poorly written CV

Bad spelling and grammar in a job application, CV or covering letter could suggest a few things: English is not their first language (not always important, but for some roles this could be a deal breaker), the candidate lacks attention to detail, or they have a tendency to rush tasks, and not check them over.

2. Avoiding eye contact

If your interviewee is avoiding eye contact, they may well be nervous, and feeling awkward in such a formal setting. However, they could also be hiding something, or they might lack the confidence that the job at hand requires.

3. Are they lying by omission?

No home address could suggest they are relying on this job to move closer to the area (which might delay start dates).

No degree grade, or other missing qualification details, could suggest that the candidate is holding something back. But remember, it could be harmless; they might have a poor grade, and expect this will instantly put a recruiter off before they get the chance to see the compensating experience they also have. Just bear in mind that if it’s missing, it’s probably for a reason.

An unexplained career gap is definitely worth probing – what were they doing, and why did they not explain so on their CV? To spot these, make sure you’re carefully working through their career timeline, month by month.

4. Erratic career path

If their career history seems inconsistent in terms of the industries and locations, ask for more details – there might be a good reason. But this should flag up warning signs for recruiters, as it might indicate the candidate becomes bored easily, struggles to fit into a working environment, or was unsure (and still could be) of what they want to do, and where.

5. Inability to back up claims

If your candidate is unable to provide evidence alongside their claims, they either haven’t prepared well, don’t deal with pressure that effectively, or they’ve over-inflated their skills and experience.

6. Overconfidence

Talking too much, bragging and acting too confident could suggest that they are hiding something, compensating for something, or it’s just their personality. If you’re put off by the arrogance, then they probably won’t fit in with the company culture, let alone work well in a team.

7. Unprofessionally dressed

It’s an obvious one, but if they haven’t made an effort to dress well, they probably aren’t that interested in the role. Perhaps they just haven’t had any previous interview experience (why?), or didn’t bother doing their research into interview etiquette. Maybe mention their apparel if you can, and see how they react – this could be telling for their motivations, and ability to handle feedback. Either way, it’s not a good sign.

8. No questions of their own

If a candidate doesn’t offer questions of their own, this could mean a few things: They didn’t prepare very well, they’re not interested, they’re not a good communicator, they lack ambition, or they don’t want to admit ignorance by asking obvious questions.

9. Negativity

If your applicant spends the interview criticising their previous employers rather than focussing on what these experiences taught them, this could be a warning sign. Too much negativity this early on suggests a complainer in the workplace – not a great team player or asset to the office.

10. They’re not a good listener

Answering poorly, asking repetitive or obvious questions, or just seeming a bit lost during your conversations are clear signs of a bad listener. They might just be nervous, or just not great at listening by nature, but worse, they could be indifferent about the role, or lack respect for others’ time and efforts. Pull them up on it if you can; if they then become defensive or rude, you’ve found your bad egg.

11. They cancel

Maybe we at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau are pessimists because we mainly deal with fresh graduates and students. But in our experience, the most dramatic accidents always tend to happen the day or night before a candidate’s interview. Weird, huh? It’s up to you to work out whether their excuses are genuine, but often, these last minute cancellations are dishonest.

12. They’re late

Now this one is both an indicator that the person isn’t great with time management, but could also be a severely unfortunate situation. Yes, the candidate should be completely and fully prepared for their interview, and have the journey completely nailed down, but things do happen. Listen to their reasoning, and go from there.
Remember, these points should be taken with a pinch of salt, as not everything is as it seems. Yet these warning signs are just that; a reminder to be cautious in moving forward. If you have any more tips for spotting dishonesty during the hiring process, let us know.

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There are risks associated with using Business Skills Testing

[fusion_text]HobNob factor (1)

Professor Mylo, Head of numbers at Recruitment Assessment has been doing some calculations and believes that there are previously unrecognised dangers in using our business skills testing.

If you consider the amount of time (time=money) saved by quickly identifying which candidate has the actual skills needed to perform each specific role, multiplied by the number of candidates divided by the cost of a packet of Chocolate Chip Biscuits  (allowing for the multi-pack variance) aka the biscuit differential, then the prices for our tests should be increased by a factor of 3!

Many of the companies that use our online skills tests have saved so much money that their biscuit fund has been increased extravagantly.

We are really sorry about this


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An Incredible Unlimited Offer from Recruitment Assessment

Time is Money Concept a Clock and Currency

We know that every business is rightly concerned about costs so we want you to know about a very special offer from Recruitment Assessment.

  • We are not giving you money off
  • We are not giving you extra features 

What we are giving you is priceless; whenever you use our skills testing you will automatically receive more time, time to talk to the best candidates, confident that you will know exactly who has the specific abilities you require for every role.

Alternatively you could use the time to put your feet up or your head down!

To take advantage of this fantastic free offer just call 0845-8400123 and claim your Free Time reward.


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Dissatisfied Employees – Cause / Effect /Solution

In a  recent OnRec article it states that there is a “significant reduction in employee satisfaction at work”.  Over 27% of employees have cited their dissatisfaction with the opportunity to “develop their skills in their job” which has lead them to query whether they are able to “fulfil their career aspirations in their current organisation”.

At Recruitment Assessment we are not that surprised by these findings.  The conclusion to be drawn from it, is that there are employee skills auditing shortcomings within many HR teams which can have the following consequences:

  • A person may be recruited for a particular position but it is highly likely that they will also have other skills which could be appropriate for other roles in the organisation.
  • Because this is often missed, many companies go down the time consuming and expensive route of recruiting externally before looking at what they have internally.
  • Additionally, only by having a more detailed staff skills audit, can HR teams identify specific training and development needs.

If businesses had a better awareness of staff skills and training needs then this could help with:

  • improving employee satisfaction
  • increasing productivity
  • reducing staff turnover

Introducing Aspirant

The Recruitment Assessment Aspirant  service is designed to handle these types of issues.  Aspirant enables any members of staff, who wishes to, to access a personal testing centre.
Here they can select any/all of a number of pre-configured online multi topic tests.

These results then form part of their competency portfolio where they can demonstrate their prowess. These results might have no relationship with their current role or skills that were assessed when they joined the company.

The test takers scores are anonymised in a database.

From a recruitment perspective, Managers who have a vacancy can easily search the data set against several different criteria. Via the HR department, they can then make contact with any candidates that have the requisite abilities / aptitudes and let them know about their roles and see if they are interested in knowing more about the position.  The clear benefit for the business is that they can avoid time consuming and expensive external recruitment.

From a training perspective, it provides objective data around which training programmes can be effectively developed to meet the precise needs of the employee.

If this sounds of interest to you please contact Warren Bresler at Recruitment Assessment for an informal chat or visit here.

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Who Is Going To Win The Graduate Battle This Year?

The decision falls to a ballance.

If the feedback from our clients is anything to go by then the battle to find and attract the best graduates is going to be even tougher this year.

Despite record numbers of university leavers, companies of all types and sizes are upping their graduate intake as well.  A typical story is that Enterprise, the car rental leaders, btw not a client of ours, have just announced that they have vacancies for 250 graduates for their Management Training Scheme.

A graduates degree course doesn’t necessarily reveal either their career interest or their workplace aptitude Recruitment Assessment’s focused range of graduate tests enables candidates to let you know rapidly and in detail both their aptitude and interests.

If you want to make sure that you meet your candidate recruitment goals contact Recruitment Assessment on 0845-8400123 or use this link

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The 10 Most Overused Words In CVs

We have covered a couple of topics recently about the role of the CV and whether or not it provides recruiters with what they really need in order to make the correct recruitment decisions.

Hot on the heels of this theme was a recent article in the Daily Telegraph which covered the most overused words in CVs –  I thought that I would share it with you.

The words are:

  • Motivated
  • Creative
  • Enthusiastic
  • Track record
  • Passionate
  • Successful
  • Driven
  • Leadership
  • Strategic
  • Extensive experience

Time to get out the Thesaurus!  Or time to look at more effective ways to recruit.