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Can a Great Online Service Come With Outstanding Customer Support?

 Recruitment Assessment’s view is that even with a great online testing solution (ours is) fails it’s clients, if it promises great customer service but doesn’t deliver. That’s why a Recruitment Assessment customer is provided with completely UNLIMITED support from our UK professional advisors and it is always FREE.

  • So whatever the issue is…
  • The appropriate questions for a role
  • Interpreting the results
  • You have a deadline to meet and need help
  • Composing bespoke questions
  • Setting up a test
  • Advice – sorry skills testing matters only!
  • Technical support
  • Or anything else

…we are here to help.

All our customers, large or small, if they are an HR specialist or a Recruitment Agency with demanding clients can depend on us.

If you want to know how we can support your business call us on 0845 8400 123 or email and tell us your problems.

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The eSkill Consensus Evaluation Toolset

Very rarely does a new development arrive on the market that really can change the way that you assess a candidate’s skills.  Consensus from eSkill and Recruitment Assessment could well be just one of those watershed moments.

What Is It?

Consensus, is a major enhancement of the powerful Free Response question. This type of question challenges a candidate to respond to a scenario of the recruiters choosing, typically it would be a situation that would not have yes / no answer but would ask them to demonstrate their strategic planning, leadership skills, clarity of thought and technical knowledge.

In the past a candidate’s answer might have been shown to members of the recruitment / promotion panel each of whom would review and critique.  However their responses were often in an unstructured and uncontrolled way, making it difficult to be sure that an accurate overall assessment was made.

Consensus addresses this problem with a robust and defensible structure. The easily set up solution enables an unlimited number of reviewers to be associated with the process, none of whom have any knowledge of each other’s judgements or any knowledge of the candidte’s name, ethnicity, background or experience. The results then form part of any other eSkills test that the candidate has taken.

Two Examples of How It Might Be Used

ONE: The candidate might need to demonstrate their ability to aggregate information from a variety of contributors, such as department managers, and they are then required to compile an executive summary. In practice this document would need to be approved by a number of managers before being finalised. The managers can assess how the individual has performed and if they have recognised the most important information.

TWO: Project Management is a skill which crosses many disciplines and industries.  The ability to structure a project plan to reflect the needs of stakeholders – whether this be senior management, customers, junior staff, accounts and marketing departments – is key to its success.  Consensus is a great way for recruiters to see, review and score prospective candidates about their ability to identify and communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

Other areas where Consensus could be effective:

  • Graduate Recruitment
  • Assessing the technical expertise of a candidate.
  • Academic / Professional roles
  • Communication style and effectiveness.
  • Strategic business understanding.
  • Leadership potential

How to see Consensus  In Practice

I have attached a PDF detailing the structure but I would suggest a brief demonstration would be the most effective way to appreciate the difference it could make to your candidate recruitment strategy. Contact me directly on 07779-136268 or

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Ernst & Young Removes Degree Classification From Entry Criteria As There’s ‘No Evidence’ University Equals Success

Ernst & Young, one of the UK’s biggest graduate recruiters, has announced it will be removing the degree classification from its entry criteria, saying there is “no evidence” success at university correlates with achievement in later life.

In an unprecedented move, the accountancy firm is scrapping its policy of requiring a 2:1 and the equivalent of three B grades at A-level in order to open opportunities for talented individuals “regardless of their background”.

Maggie Stilwell, EY’s managing partner for talent, said the company would use online assessments to judge the potential of applicants.

“Academic qualifications will still be taken into account and indeed remain an important consideration when assessing candidates as a whole, but will no longer act as a barrier to getting a foot in the door,” she said.

“Our own internal research of over 400 graduates found that screening students based on academic performance alone was too blunt an approach to recruitment.

“It found no evidence to conclude that previous success in higher education correlated with future success in subsequent professional qualifications undertaken.”

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When was the last time you reviewed your business skills testing software?

A survey conducted this month (January 2017) by Recruitment Assessment across 50 non customer companies who use business skills testing software has revealed that almost 80% of them have not reviewed the service in the last 3 years or more.  Nearly half of respondents were not convinced that they were not getting the full value from their software but had not done anything about it.

Warren Bresler Managing Director of Recruitment Assessment said: “What we find on a pretty regular basis is that the needs of the business have changed and often those who were involved in the original decision to buy the current software are no longer in the business.”

He continued: “Business skills testing software, like all software, advances at a rapid pace and what was cutting edge yesterday is pretty ordinary today. It is vital that companies schedule regular reviews to assess the relevance and value that it offers in comparison to alternative providers.  To address this we have been offering a free trial/comparison of or own software with no obligation and we have been successful in attracting new customers because of a whole range of features that are now available with eSkill.”

Anyone who would like to compare the eSkill software with no obligation should contact Warren Bresler at or visit

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Recruitment Hotspots For 2017 And The Increased Competition For Jobs

I read with interest a recent report in On Rec which talked about the big growth areas for recruitment in 2017 and the fact that there will be more competition for jobs.  With a workforce one click away from applying for jobs it is easy to see how HR’s and recruitment agencies can be overwhelmed with response.  Which is perhaps why candidate testing would make sense to ratify the “office” related skills claims of candidates whilst also eliminating wasted time and cost from getting it wrong.

The report said:

New data from the UK’s leading independent job site, CV-Library, has found that the design, leisure and tourism and catering industries are some of the top sectors to find a new job this year, showing great promise for job hunters looking for work in these areas.

The data, which analysed the average number of jobs in the UK’s key sectors in 2016, found that the top ten industries for work in 2017 are:

  • Design – up 43%
  • Leisure/Tourism – up 33%
  • Catering – up 33%
  • Legal – up 32%
  • Agriculture – up 32%
  • Automotive – up 28%
  • Social Care – up 27%
  • Manufacturing – up 26%
  • Marketing – up 25%
  • Education – up 25%

And while there are more jobs available, there is also fierce competition for these roles, with applications rising by 31% in leisure/tourism, 24% in design and 13% in catering. Furthermore, other key sectors saw a substantial increase in applications last year, including agriculture (up 41%), manufacturing (up 30%) and automotive (up 23), with all figures expected to pick up substantially this New Year.

To find out more how our skills testing services could help you then contact us today.

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How Great Would It Be If You Could Be 100% Certain That A Job Candidate Would Be Right For The Job?

externalv-internal-350-x-219In reality no one could boast 100% accuracy but with Eskill and Recruitment Assessment we can get you pretty close.
Our Quality Of Hire Metrics help you take a closer look at those hard-to-define skills and qualities that add up to a really good hire can greatly increase your recruiting success, and you don’t have to rely as much on our gut feel or best estimate.
It can also provide the kind of framework that will lead to improved employee performance throughout your company.
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Why Are So Many Companies Turning To Our Managed Skills Testing Solution?

Time is Money Concept a Clock and Currency

Recruiters know that the investment they make in software resources can make their business more effective but they find themselves short on time and resources to fully exploit that investment. What we find at Recruitment Assessment is that our clients want more and more to be able to depend on outsourced expertise – people who are experienced with using the software / service to ensure that their company is maximising the full feature rich benefits.

In the area of business skills testing Recruitment Assessment* offers a very popular and cost effective “Managed Service” to help recruiters who need higher levels of service to help them recruit more effectively but who just do not have the time to do it for themselves.

The Recruitment Assessment “Managed Service” covers the following:

  • We use our expertise to create and build the most effective test for the role you are recruiting for.
  • We utilise our experience and knowledge to select appropriate topics and skill levels.
  • We create custom questions – bespoke questions to reflect your business needs
  • We analyse the candidate data from their responses and help draw up a fully qualified shortlist.

If you are a recruiter or HR and you want more than a “plug and play service” and want to improve your skills testing to help you recruit more effectively, then give Recruitment Assessment a call on 0845 8400 123 and ask about our “Managed Service”, or visit We think you will like it.

* Recruitment Assessment is the UK strategic partner, of the industry leading eSkill Corporation and have been leaders in the area of pre-employment testing since 2000

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How To Hire Better Candidates Whilst Being Fairer To The One’s That You Don’t

It is important that in these days where employer reputation/brand is easily discussed and shared on social media platforms that the impact of the interview process for candidates is carefully considered and is a positive one.

We are rapidly moving away from the days of “get them in and we’ll take a look” attitude. Often for the candidate this means taking time off work which can be difficult, or at least for them to incur significant costs of travel etc.

A Simple Solution
The solution is relatively simple and certainly cost effective. In essence why not qualify your shortlist by getting candidates to undertake pre-employment online skills testing? If a candidate does not meet your criteria you can manage the process more efficiently than getting them to turn up for an interview for a role that they were not suitable for the role – or where there were many other candidates who had a better skills match.

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Is your idea of Offboarding providing a large black bin bag?

1OffboardingIn relation to our own HR-Onboard Service we have had some very interesting discussions with a number of clients about their Onboarding processes for new staff.  However equally important is how businesses handle the Offboarding process.

With that in mind we would like to find out more about how you as a business handle this process. Here are some potential discussion points:

Do you use a bespoke Offboarding management tool?

Do you use your  Offboarding process to build a positive image of the company?

Do you manage the Offboarding of contract staff?

Do you have a specific person / team to co-ordinate Offboarding?

Do you correlate & analyse the reasons why staff leave?

Is Offboarding completely an HR function or partially devolved to line management?

As part of the Offboarding approach do you leave the door open for re-joiners?
If you would like to have a conversation about this important element of the HR process then please contact me on 0845 8400 123 or email me

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There are risks associated with using Business Skills Testing

[fusion_text]HobNob factor (1)

Professor Mylo, Head of numbers at Recruitment Assessment has been doing some calculations and believes that there are previously unrecognised dangers in using our business skills testing.

If you consider the amount of time (time=money) saved by quickly identifying which candidate has the actual skills needed to perform each specific role, multiplied by the number of candidates divided by the cost of a packet of Chocolate Chip Biscuits  (allowing for the multi-pack variance) aka the biscuit differential, then the prices for our tests should be increased by a factor of 3!

Many of the companies that use our online skills tests have saved so much money that their biscuit fund has been increased extravagantly.

We are really sorry about this