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Recruitment Assessment is the leading UK provider of Online Business Skills Testing. Our sole focus is helping clients, of every size and type, make their recruitment process more effective, saving them both time and money by ensuring that job applicants actually have the skills needed to perform their specific roles.

You have access to 100’s of pre-configured tests, over 50,000 library questions and optionally the ability to create your own private questions. What differentiates us is that whether your requirements are small and occasional or high volume and frequent you can have custom tests that exactly match your job specification. If you are concerned that you do not have the skills to define a test, don’t be, that’s part of our integrated service here to help you whenever you need us. For many companies the recruitment process is a key part of their brand and image. For those we have a variety of solutions these range from our Basic One Month Subscription (create an unlimited number of different tests / test an unrestricted number of candidates) to our Enterprise Solution which offers a white label solution with full ATS /LMS integration, multiple administrators, our Editor which enables you to create your own questions and much, much more.

The business skills testing is delivered by eSkill Corporation which was founded in 2000 with the aim of providing easily customizable online tests, eSkill Corporation has developed into a global leader in employment-related skills testing. It provides organizations with a Web-based skills testing service. Rather than relying solely on interviews and personal impressions of an applicant’s resume, companies can more effectively place qualified and talented individuals into critical jobs using relevant assessments of the required knowledge and skills. Specifically, the eSkill application lets hiring and training managers configure tests from our extensive subject library to match their hiring and training needs, and reduce the risk of hiring failures and discrimination litigation.Recruitment-Assessment based in Stanmore, Middlesex providing UK customers with sales and support for eSkill Testing. eSkill is a certified Oracle Gold Partner and if you are looking for a fully integrated ATS solution eSkill and Recruitment Assessment can provide everything that you need.

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