Volume Testing
If the high volume of applications you receive makes it difficult to focus on which candidates have the skills you need, we can help you fast track the best candidatesCONTACT US
Detailed results  are sent to your inbox immediately a candidate completes the test. You can see results by: Overall score, by each topic and even how each question was answered. See a results example here.
Using our skills testing can dramatically reduce the time and effort you spend looking at applications. We have options to suit all sizes of business and budget. Let us show you

Recruitment Assessment is the specialist business skills testing organisation. Our sole focus is helping companies, of every size and type, make their recruitment process more effective, saving them both time and money, by ensuring that job applicants actually have the skills needed to perform their specific roles.

What differentiates us is that whether your needs are small and occasional or high volume and frequent you can have custom tests that exactly match your job specification. If you are concerned that you do not have the skills, to define a test, don’t be, that’s part of our integrated service, here to help you when you need us.

As the UK strategic partner, of the industry leading eSkill Corporation, we understand what it takes to identify the skills needed to perform a role, we can help you cut through the fluff of  a CV  and help you select the candidate that will fit your roles. Call 0845-8400123 or contact us now to discuss your specific requirements.




Short List
If you have a typical short list of 5 to 10 candidates our Managed Service is a great way to identify which of those has the appropriate skills. Our 5 candidate test package is just £95 +VAT

Introductory Offer

Immediately a candidate completes the test a results email is s ent to you.

The results will tell you:

  • The overall score
  • The result in each subject area
  • How each question was answered

See a typical results email

We specialise in helping clients who are in a hurry, the best way to get started is to use our contact form and in the box paste your job description if you have one or outline what you need.

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